UltimateVolleyStats offers you the most compelete statistics combined to the easiest input available!

Get your statistics to the new level and record all the desired performances of your volleyball-teams with the UltimateVolleyStats (UVS) for Android-devices. Smart semi-automatic selection of the next probable performance makes recording easier than ever. Your team's statistics are updated during the input and you get immediately various information for your analysis.
You can:
- create multiple teams and series
- rearrange your line-up at any time
- record your team's attacks, serves, receives, blocks, digs and sets, and estimate them in levels 1...4
- record opponent's attack-points categorized to 1st/other attacks and opponent's errors categorized to attack/serve/other
- watch current points and line-up in right rotation
- undo latest input, edit points, edit player's role, change serving side, change look of shirts, adjust point-balance rules, ...
- watch graphical statistics of match/set for player/team and +/- points of rotation/player during input
- easily switch to the statistics view and back anytime during input to see full detailed statistics
- compare own/opponent's errors, blocks and sideout-%, or compare own points, sideout- and receive-% by rotations
- get detailed information about your team's attack-distributions by roles or by 1st/other attacks
- watch customized details of performances for all players and team at the same time in statistics-view
- filter matches for statistics by team, serie and timeline and easily step to the next/previous match or set
- export all the data for another device with UVS, or export selected stats for Excel or MaxPreps